If you are like me, you are someone who is inspired by deep and meaningful adventures. You’re excited by sharing the stories of African wilderness and inviting others to experience the wonder and excitement with you.

Every being has a story. Some stories remind us of the strength of being resilient. Others inspire us by the simplicity of the beautiful, and some remind us of the joy in play. Each has a journey of beauty and breathtaking wonder in their unique expression of life that gives to our souls and reconnects us to ourselves. Their stories can give us hope, inspiration, and teach us something in the simplicity of their being.

Photographs give us a unique invitation into a story, a brief pause to experience a moment and anticipate the excitement of an adventure. Whether it’s a photograph of your lodge’s gorgeous refreshing pool that a new guest sees online just before they book a stay or a majestic photograph of a lion hanging in the lodge lobby when they arrive, a photograph invites the viewer to engage their imagination and feel something.

Since I discovered PHOTOGRAPHY

I am inspired by creating imagery that touches the heart of others. I began photographing portraits of children and I felt destined to document family unscripted moments. I began following my passion to further my meaningful work – photographing stories that transform lives.

I know there are greater stories to tell,

and together we can share remarkable stories that inspire others to experience it themselves.


Life unscripted is my inspiration and I’m constantly in awe of the brilliance of how we get to share our lives with people who love and support us fully. I believe life is all about creating a connection with God and the world and helping each other live a hearty existence.

I know you want photographs that inspire a feeling, evoke a response, tell stories and invite the viewer on a journey. My photographs are inspired by you and connect to the story you want to tell.

I am excited by deep meaningful connections of all kinds. I eagerly anticipate connecting with the earth and animals and with people who share the vibrant stories of their souls.

These connections motivate me to get the details of photographs just right. That’s why I have a personalized creation process with each client with the intent of filling the hearts of those around me while going the extra mile to give a unique and exciting creative experience. I want your experience to feel as luxury and care filled as the experience you give to those around you.

It’s my pleasure to go above and beyond to make sure we tell the stories that are most inspiring to you. It’s my hope that my clients become genuine friends.


Your Visionary Documentary Photographer

Unveiling an unwavering attention to detail, a seamless fusion of patience and intuition, and a captivating mastery of storytelling. 

Ande’s photographs are crafted with adoration and expertise.