How to Experience African Wildlife Without the Crowds

Imagine this – you sign up for a safari to witness the majestic wildlife of Africa. All goes well until you cannot spot any wild animals simply because your safari is overcrowded with too many excited people. Let’s be honest – this is not what you signed up for! You wanted a raw and unfiltered view of the African wildlife, and all you ended up seeing were heads of humans.

Whether you are a wildlife photographer or merely a wildlife enthusiast, this scenario is annoying. And to avoid this from happening, we have come up with a few ideas (drawn from personal experiences) that will help you enjoy your African safari without bothering about crowds. Let’s get started:

Choose the Private Reserves

Apart from the four major wildlife parks, Africa has a range of other, less-crowded alternatives. For example, you can opt for private reserves and conservancies – these areas limit the number of vehicles, giving you ample opportunities to spot wildlife without obstruction. In addition, this ensures that the animals are not disturbed, giving them the space they require.

Vacation – the Luxurious Way

Honeymooning? Looking for ways to spend some time with your beloved (we know how stressful weddings can get!), or do you want to beat the workplace blues? Then, head straight to the best luxury safari lodges in Africa that give you just what you require – a blissful vacation! Some of the best options you can choose are The Nambiti Hills or the    Lion’s Valley Lodge. These offer a fantastic private game drive experience.

Go Camping With a Twist

Instead of camping the hard way, why not chill out in a camp that’s already set up? These camps give you not only an authentic camping experience but also a more private safari experience. But, again, not all camps across Africa offer these luxurious camping setups. Some of the options you can consider are Camp Shawu and Shindzela Tented Camp. These camps provide you with tents, incredible sights as well as modern comforts – all from their backyard in the wilderness! Now, isn’t that just what you want?

Book a Private Guide

The idea of venturing into the wild all alone may seem alluring, but let’s be practical – it is just as scary! And this is where private guides come to your rescue. These guides are well-versed with various locations where you can experience the wilderness first hand, without any obstructions. Also, one extra person is always required to capture your pictures as a couple or a family. So a private guide is a complete win-win situation!

Summing Up

Off-beat choices and decisions are always the best, and when it comes to African wildlife safaris, they are worth it! Always look out for less popular options, and we are sure you will thank yourself later.

Witnessing wildlife in all its beauty in uncharted territory is a blissful experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. So, make sure you make it worth remembering for the rest of your life (or at least until you return the next time!)


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