Luxury Safari Lodges Are Fighting For Wildlife Conservation


While wildlife lodges are conservation efforts themselves, many still go the extra mile in wildlife conservation. That means the simple (and unforgettable) act of going on safari is a way for YOU to support conservation in Africa.


Wildlife poaching is a huge problem in South Africa. Crime syndicates make a lot of money exploiting both people living in poverty and our endangered animals. There are three steps to stop the cycle – 1) Education, 2) Empowerment, and 3) Conservation.


Many of the top luxury safari lodges in South Africa tackle poaching by addressing each of these areas in their own unique ways.

Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve

Sabi Sabi is a biodiversity hotspot in itself. With over 300 species of birds, 47 large mammal species, 57 reptile species, and over 90 different species of trees – it has a lot to protect.


They also have the elusive Pangolin – which remains one of the most trafficked species on our continent. Their anti-poaching unit keeps these amazing creatures, as well as the local rhino population safe and protected.


Sabi Sabi takes a holistic approach to conservation. Conservation needs are balanced with the needs of the local community. Sabi Sabi is doing its part by creating awareness at schools, organizing annual ranger training, and creating employment for local communities.  

These projects are partly funded through guests’ nature conservation levies, so by paying your conservation fee you’re helping to protect our wildlife.

Rhino Conservation

South Africa is at the center of the rhino poaching crisis. We carry over 80% of the world’s surviving rhino population. Rhinos play an important role in the ecosystem and they are the most unbelievable creatures. Losing them would be detrimental.


Nambiti Private Game Reserve 

The Nambiti Private Game Reserve has multiple private luxury safari lodges and is home to both the black and white rhino. There are only around 5000 black rhinos left in Southern Africa – which makes this a pretty special place to visit.


Nambiti has set up a special Rhino Conservation levy which is payable upon entry into the reserve.  These funds are distributed to the local private lodges to help protect the rhino population.

Umzolozolo Private Safari Lodge 

De-horning is one of the measures lodges can take to protect their rhinos. While this is costly, it is an effective deterrent for poaching. Umzolozolo has taken steps to do just this for all their rhinos.


In addition, Umzolozolo’s anti-poaching unit uses the latest equipment and technology to stay one step ahead of any potential poachers. They are on the ground 24/7.


These efforts are funded by your contributions to the Rhino Conservation Levy at Nambiti.

Nambiti Hills Private Game Experience

Nambiti Hills offers guests a unique way to support Rhino Conservation. If sipping on a gin and tonic while watching the African sunset sounds like a bucket list activity, you can now do it while supporting the rhinos.


Nambiti Hills sells Rhino Gin – a craft gin made from a unique Renosterveld fynbos (rhinoceros shrub) blend. Don’t worry, you’re not drinking up the rhino’s food – this shrub is only the rhino’s namesake.


All proceeds from the sale of Rhino Gin go to rhino conservation initiatives in South Africa.

Leopard Conservation

If you’ve ever seen a leopard up close, you’ll understand why we need to fight for them. There are only around 5 000 mature leopards left in South Africa. These numbers are dwindling rapidly each year.


Private game reserves play an extremely important role in leopard conservation. The lifespan of a leopard outside of a protected area is much shorter due to human-carnivore conflict and poaching.


The reserves who are lucky enough to have leopards go above and beyond to protect them.

Thornybush Nature Reserve

At Thornybush, your conservation fees as well as a portion of your tariffs go towards leopard conservation. They’ve been supporting and implementing the “Furs for Life” project locally for many years. This has helped reduce the demand for skins by a staggering 50%.


This reserve is also home to a group of Anti-Poaching Pooches. This specially trained K9 unit often turns heads. They work on the front line and track poachers faster than any human. These incredibly brave animals are one of the reasons why Thornybush is so successful in its anti-poaching efforts!


Luxury safari lodges offer all wildlife a safe place to live and thrive. Unfortunately, these conservation areas are under constant threat of poaching and other illegal activities. By supporting these and other top luxury safari lodges in South Africa, you are supporting our wildlife – thank you.


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