The World Is Reopening for Tourism – How to Best Market Your Luxury Safari Destination

Now that more countries the world over are opening back up to tourists, Africa is proving to be a rising star as luxury travelers are getting more adventurous and demand more than just an amazing safari experience. This could be a fresh ‘twist’ to the classic safari, or ‘add-ons’ combining luxury accommodations, services, and safari tours. One way you can stand out from the crowd is by offering a special ‘bucket list’ feature to your luxury lodge experience that your competition does not.

Today’s luxury safari traveler wants more than just a high-end place to lay their head. They want adventure, and their idea of ‘luxury’ is the ability to get away somewhere remote where they can disconnect from daily life and head out into the bush for an authentic pioneer-style adventure.


The best way to advertise your luxury safari destination, first and foremost, is to remind the guest of what’s included in your particular destination. Shine a light on your destination’s best and most unique qualities by featuring storytelling photography on your website and other marketing materials. Since you are already in the business, you may already know that most high-end safari lodges are all-inclusive. However, for the novice guest, this is not a given.

Your rates will seem more attractive when they consider the activities, cuisine, spa treatments, and any tours offered during their stay.

Conversely, first-time luxury travelers to Africa are already well-educated about the offerings, thanks to their travel advisers and other reputable online resources. To make sure you stand out from your competition, consider the following.



 The savvy luxury traveler is well aware that in Africa, conservation and community outreach drives every aspect of safari life and they have come to expect this naturally. They want a hands-on experience with both African culture and sustainability firmly in mind. You as a travel professional can lend your expertise to the experience by offering new and unique sustainable touches to their stay to set the “gold standard” for your luxury safari lodge.




 There is nothing quite like being in Africa; for both the first-time visitor and the veteran luxury traveler. Seeing a giant elephant up close, hearing the roar of a lion in the distance, sitting in a mokoro, gliding along the wetland of the Delta – any visitor will realise how lucky they are to experience the magic of the continent. Selling the feeling of a safari destination will convince your guests that there is no other place for their dream adventure but Africa.



As the world is opening back up for tourism, many people now have greater flexibility in their work and personal lives like they never have before. As such, they will be able to take more trips. But accessibility is still key – not only for the luxury safari lodges they seek, but entry points from major cities and ports are critical for the lodge industry.

Be sure to market the ease with which guests can arrive at your destination; whether that be by flight availability, highway, or flight strips within reserves. More flights are being offered from Europe and the U.S. to Africa than ever before, as well as rapidly expanding regional carriers, which in turn is fueling demand. Make sure this is featured in your marketing materials.

Using these strategies helps to bring you more bookings and allow you to stand out in an ever-increasing travel space.












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